Savoire Five Areas of Expertise

Our tasting events are like no other. We believe in creating memorable atmospheres for consumers to savor some of the world’s finest wines and spirits. Our tastings are exquisite no matter the venue. Our Samplers are hand-selected for each sponsored event and trained to cooperate expertly with consumers. We provide Brand Induction Campaigns and Brand Exposure Soirees to our elite clients to share their brand on a grander scale in order to convert mass number of potential consumers into new enthusiasts for the Brands’ products. Our Premiere service is our innovative method of data collection, one that delivers essential data into the hands of marketing teams and social media to ensure their brands are brought to their desired audience.

Saviore’s Services

Why Choose Us

  • Savoire is a tasting company serving the liquor and wine industry by providing samplers
  • We educate consumers on various brands being tasted for each manufacturer’s event.
  • We provide updated training and most recent manufacturer’s materials to the samplers so that they become mini brand ambassadors for each brand.
  • We specialize in providing a sophisticated and knowledgeable experience for the consumer.
  • Savoire will also provide a real-time collection of data at each event.
  • The Brands (or Manufacturers) can customize the key components they want targeted at each event, thereby producing better and more relevant sales in both the on and off-premise venues.
  • Our niche is providing the same education and an upgraded experience at off-premise locations as we provide at on-premise locations.
  • We give the manufacturer’s customer base a complete experience once they enter a local grocery store or liquor store.