About Us

Savoire is a tasting company serving the liquor and wine industry by providing Samplers who educate consumers on various brands being tasted for each manufacturers’ event. We provide the most up to date training for our Samplers on Manufacturers’ materials so they become mini brand ambassadors for each brand.  Our specialty? Providing an enriched and refined experience for the consumer.

 Savoire will also provide a real-time collection of data at each event. The Brands (or Manufacturers) can customize the key components they want targeted at each event, thereby producing better and more relevant sales in both the on and off-premise venues.  Our niche is providing the same education and an upgraded experience at off-premise locations as we provide at on-premise locations. Our job is to give the manufacturer’s customer base a sophisticated experience of their Brand once they enter a local grocery or liquor store.


  • Tastings – This is a 2-3 hour event where promotion staff will set up free 1-2 oz. drinks for consumers to try.

  • Promotion staff – These are actual samplers that provide 1-2 oz. drinks for consumers to try. We also have in-house sommeliers for private tasting events.

  • Data Collection – This is the collection of data from the consumer during the tasting that will let the Brand/Manufacturer know who exactly tasted their brand and the consumers’ experience of it.

  • Brand Induction Campaign  – These campaigns are designed to promote consumers to become brand ambassadors by providing weekly tastings in the same venue for 3 days consecutive over a 3 week period. These campaigns essentially are used to convert consumers to the Brand/Manufacturer sponsoring the tasting.

  • Brand Exposure Soiree – These are larger events where the Brand/Manufacturer will invite a large number of people to experience their product. This is usually held during a large event like South Beach Food and Wine Festival, or Jazz in the Gardens, or Art Basil.